Hey gang, sorry for the lack of comics lately.

The good news: I’m buying a house! It’s small and awesome. The less good news: in the mean time I’ve living at my friend’s place, most of my stuff is still in storage, and while I’ve got the computer I don’t have a proper desk set up. There have been some health hiccups along the way as well. It’s been a thing.

On the plus side, one of my roommates has a cat, and I’ve discovered that Flonase totally works on my cat allergies. We are bros now.  I’ve always been a dog person (and super allergic to cats), but this cat is pretty awesome.


I tried making a comic this week, but I’m super rusty, and really need to work back up my  art skills before making a full comic page. I’d like to resume Clockworks in August, but it might not be until September. I close on the house in a couple of weeks, and as you can imagine the early part of moving in to a house is pretty time consuming.

The eventual upside of this is I plan on living in my house that I own basically forever, which should do good things for my stability and the health of the comic.

So yeah, comics resume maybe this month, maybe next month. In the mean time, follow Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, or The Other Tumblr for random updates.