Hey it’s a comic! Only like 4 months late!

Since the last update, I:

Moved out of my apartment and put all my stuff in storage. (Also the movers lost my meds, which was an ordeal.)

Bought a house! (Which is old and needs a ton of work but I love it.) (Also it came with a mystery person who is leaving me increasingly unusual lawn gnomes.)

Forgot how to draw! (This page took me forever compared to a usual one, and I’m super rusty at basically everything.)

Adopted a cat! (Who is awesome, but isn’t living in the new house yet.)

Broke my ankle! (Which I do not recommend.)

Before too long, my house will have a full studio/office, and I hope to be happy and healthy and productive and creative and all of that for years and years to come.

In the mean time, I’m shooting for regular updates of the comic. There is house stuff and ankle stuff to do though, so there may be occasional delays.

Anyway, hello again.