0195: Transmitter

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  1. Syhd

    Thorn would have slick hair.

    • Shawn

      I had to stop for a minute and figure out what his hair looked like without a hat.

  2. Dreadogastus

    You every right to be proud of the background. I immediately “heard” the murmuring echo of a crowd in a large walled space. Plus the “medallion” is awesome.
    A question on world background. Are How are non-humans like Ophelia and Toby seen/ treated in Paravo?

    • Shawn

      We’ll see a bit of that before our heroes leave Paravo. In many ways, Paravo is very traditional. But one of those traditions is fierce capitalistic competition. So Changelings are generally frowned upon, unless they can be helpful to the bottom line.

  3. BobLeo

    Great environment in panel 1. Screams old luxury. Thorn in an interesting character. A “good” guy that is hindering our heros. I just noticed how appropriate his name is. Duh.

    • Shawn

      Yeah I like Thorn. I think I should have spent some time earlier showing him to be more of a threat, but it’s a bit late for that now. He’s very much an antagonist, not a villain.

  4. Sitting Duck
    Sitting Duck

    So is this the first time Oliver has eaten with the rest of the gang (and therefore prove that he’s not a vampire)?

  5. Debbie

    It’s brilliant. :)
    Welcome back!

  6. Fenias Jack
    Fenias Jack

    saw this and thought of Brigette

  7. Al

    Hi, I hope you haven’t abandoned this comic, I’m looking forward to seeing the next one.

  8. Dethwarm Dover
    Dethwarm Dover

    Are you okay, dude? No updates or comments, your fanbase is starting to worry :-) .

    • Aula

      Shawn is quite active on Twitter (link is on the right side panel), so I guess he’s fine. It just seems that when he’s not in the mood to work on Clockworks, he pretty much completely ignores this website.

    • Shawn

      Sorry, still alive. Comic will return. Writing up a blog post right now.

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