Hey gang. It’s been a minute.

Clockworks will return. Ideally this month. The house I bought in September is still not finished yet. I had a group of contractors disappear on me (fortunately I didn’t pay them for the work they didn’t do), and we keep finding new things to completely overhaul, and everything has to wait on the next guy’s availability and so on. So my living room is still also my bedroom, and my art studio is still my makeshift kitchen and closet. My fridge and stove are still out in the garage, etc and so on. It’s far from ideal. Also I’m still a crazy person, even though I’m on meds, and having an unstable/incomplete living situation and mental illness is a fun combination that I suggest no one should try. So that’s slowed things down even more.

But regardless, the comic will return. I miss doing it, and I want to keep telling this story. Will let you know more when there’s more to know.