0196: Memento

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  1. Syhd

    I couldn’t place the guy in the bottom corner until I realized why his mouth was hidden. HA!

  2. Chuk

    Ha, good one to come back on.

  3. Kedamono

    Welcome Back Shawn! Yea!

  4. Cuthalion

    I really, really love this one.

  5. Aula

    They look surprisingly happy for a bunch of people who’ve been crammed into a small booth. Well, 4 out of 6 do, anyway; it’s kinda hard to tell if the guys at the bottom corners are happy.

    • Shawn

      I realized once the page was almost finished that I really should have had Thorton making a silly face instead. Ah well, save it for the Enhanced Special Edition.

  6. Bxe

    Good to see ya back :D

  7. BobLeo

    I just started reading Chainmil Bikini, and it is hilarious. When I hit “next” and saw the dogsnake I about lost it. I’ve never played an RPG (can I still read the comics, please, don’t judge), but I get the humor. You guys did great writing and art.

  8. Kumondo

    Aaand… with that I’m now current. Excellent work, as always. I approve how Julius seems to be becoming quite the likeable side character. Hmm… Maybe I should be the one to head Julius’ fan club, as I plan on sticking around and that slot seems open here in the comments…

  9. Gokstar

    But when will we get another update……?

    • Shawn


  10. Ashonai

    Just started reading this comic recently… Very disappointed to find out how long it’s been since this page was posted. I hope a new one comes out soon!

    • Shawn

      Next week is a recap, new comics the week after that.

  11. Professor Fate
    Professor Fate

    Having completed the archives, I am now up to speed, but alas, no updates for nine months. I certainly hope this comic isn’t gone for good. I find it most entertaining and would enjoy seeing more. A word to your readers concerning your status as to continuing this saga would be most welcome.

    • Shawn

      Next week is a recap, new comics the week after that.

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