So, it’s been a minute.

Here’s the TLDR version: I’m bringing the comic back, starting next week. If I’m unable to keep up with drawing the comic, I’ll switch to a series of recaps that will finish the entire story. The comic will also likely change a bit. I’d rather do something I am excited about now than stick to my original intentions from years ago.

Longer Version:

Soooooo…. how about that 2016? In addition to the dumpster fire of the year in general, I spent much of my time being a crazy person and trying to deal. You may recall I bought a house late last year. It turns out it needed way more work than I had expected, and this took so much longer than planned, and as a person with mental illness holy shit I did not handle it well.

(Oh yeah, while the comic will continue to be mostly PG-13, in real life I curse like a drunken sailor most of the time, and now that I’m coming back I have zero intentions of censoring myself in that regard. I don’t plan on going full Chuck Wendig, but I will sometimes say fuck, shit, damn, etc and so on, the same as I do on twitter and elsewhere. If you want to keep reading the comics and not the blog posts, or if you want to stop reading everything, that is your choice.)

It turns out Maslow’s Hierarchy is pretty accurate, and if you’re living in one room of your house and the rest of it looks like a warzone, it’s really hard to get into the mental space needed to do stuff like draw comics. Page 196 was an ordeal to create, far more than it would have if I was in practice and healthy. After that, I literally didn’t put pen to paper for about 8 months. Fortunately, by now I have things like walls on all the rooms and a working kitchen and a shower and all of that good stuff, so things have definitely improved. I finally made some art last month, and really shocked myself that I didn’t hate it.

And I miss these characters, and this story, and creating something every week and chatting with you weirdos.

Tuesday, January 3rd I’ll start off with a recap of the story so far. It’ll be a blog post, not a comic. After that, I’m going to shoot for Tuesday updates, one a week, possibly more one day. If that doesn’t work out, if it turns out I can’t keep up with the physical or mental demands of drawing art regularly and we have another major hiatus, I’ll ditch the comics, and start posting a condensed outline each week of what the next chapter would have been. That way I’ll at least finish this epic tale in some fashion, but I do hope I can build back up the will and the way to draw the whole damn thing.

And so that’s that. See you Tuesday, and Happy New Year, and all the best wishes for 2017!