Since it’s been so long since the comic has regularly updated, I thought a brief refresher would help get everyone back up to speed. Then the recap grew to be not so brief, and I’ve split it into two parts. Here’s part 1, part 2 will be up on Thursday. New comic next Tuesday.

Previously, In Clockworks…

Eva Wingfield, Toby Chapman, and Thorton Nickleby were the Private Constables for the Bronze Gardens, a once thriving neighborhood on the 5th level of Clorencia City. Lukov Kilgore was a crime lord whose gang kidnapped mages and other undesirables, and sold them to a mysterious and nefarious patron. Lukov had previously killed Thorton’s father, and abducted Eva’s parents, whose current fate is unknown.

The constables raided Lukov’s hideout, battled his gang, and Thorton nearly killed Lukov. Unfortunately, Lukov got the drop on Thorton and shot him in the chest with a massive hand cannon and then escaped. Fortunately, Lukov’s captive Ophelia was a changeling and a powerful water mage, and once freed she used her magics to save Thorton’s life and capture most of Lukov’s goons.

Later, Eva offered Ophelia a job as a Private Constable, reasoning that magic healing powers could be very helpful. Meanwhile, Thorton met with Oliver, a mysterious informant who had previously revealed to the constables the location of Lukov’s hideout. Following a thrilling chase and a painful duel with Eva, Oliver also joined the constables.

A few nights later, a group of bomb throwing anarchists attacked an abandoned clockbot factory! The constables arrived to arrest them, and discovered a gas mask wearing stranger, who attacked, easily defeating Toby and Oliver before being driven away by the other constables. Inside the abandoned factory, our heroes discovered that ‘bot plans had been stolen, and after interrogating one of the anarchists Eva came to suspect that the entire attack was designed to get the constables’ attention and perhaps test their mettle.

Meanwhile, Agent Thorn from the Department of Public Health and Safety arrived in the Bronze Gardens, to root out any mages or other undesirables hiding in the neighborhood.

A few nights after the anarchist attack, Toby and Ophelia were on patrol in the neighborhood when they discovered a wounded old man being chased by a massive clockbot! Then Toby discovered the old man was his grandfather, Gareth! Fortunately, Ophelia quickly deactivated the ‘bot with three magical ice bolts and healed Garreth, because she’s nice like that. But then, the constables discovered a man with a clockwork arm and eye spying on them, who escaped in a makeshift gyrocopter.

Once safely inside the empty warehouse that served as the constables’ office and home, Gareth revealed to our heroes the reason he was attacked. In his younger days as a mercenary and treasure hunter, he had come into the possession of a priceless relic from the ancient Tsuankhotal Empire. The relic was made of some kind of indestructible black iron, and was for an unknown purpose. A chatty dandy had recently visited Gareth’s home, seeking to purchase the relic. How he learned about it is unknown. After Gareth refused, someone attacked his home with cannon fire and he fled to find his daughter and her husband in Clorencia City, which is where he entered our story.

Being brave hero types, the constables took up the task of tracking down and stopping Gareth’s mysterious assailant.

Oliver, Ophelia, and Thorton stayed in the neighborhood to make sure things were safe, where they briefly encountered Agent Thorn. Eva, Gareth, and Toby took the Upper Lift to the 9th level of Clorencia City, to visit the library at the University of Clorencia. On the lift, they encountered a pair of snooty teenage girls who mistook Eva and Toby for a couple, so Eva planted a kiss on Toby to offend them even more and shut them up.

In upper city, Eva and Toby researched ancient Tsuankhotal devices and then went to a fancy restaurant. Back in the Bronze Gardens, our remaining constables had an extremely busy day, facing an attack by Lukov’s goons, interrogating Lukov’s goons, discovering an exploding camera ‘bot, and investigating an underground religious revival where some sort of strange magical transference was taking place.

After a long day, Eva, Gareth, and Toby returned to the Bronze Gardens and everyone looked forward to a restful night of sleep. But then everything changed when an army of makeshift clockbots attacked! The man with the clockwork arm revealed himself to be a powerful earth mage as well as a mad scientist. (We would later learn his name is Klaudius, although the constables have still not learned this.) Klaudius nearly killed Oliver, and demanded the constables hand over the relic from Tsuankhotal. The constables instead shot him, which inspired him to flee.

Following the attack, our heroes healed and regrouped, and Klaudius met with his mysterious master, a person shrouded in shadows glowing red eyes. This villain assuaged Klaudius’s regrets, and assured him that everything was going according to plan.

Our heroes took some time to rest and regroup, to try and figure out who their enemies were and what their next course of action should be. They soon decided to take care of the one threat they had a handle on: Lukov Kilgore and his gang.

Recap Part 2 continues on Thursday! New comic next Tuesday! See you then!