Previously, in Clockworks…

All of this stuff happened. But then…

Before taking on Lukov’s gang, Thorton announced his plans to kill Lukov at the first opportunity, over Eva’s objections that she wanted to capture Lukov alive. Meanwhile Oliver met Julius, a wealthy visitor from Paravo, and his lady friend Brigitte. After escorting them safely through the neighborhood, Oliver stole Julius’s wallet. For safety. Shortly after, Toby unveiled his new invention to the other constables, a massive suit of steam and ether powered armor, built from the scraps of a dozen destroyed clockbots!

Immediately bounding off towards Lukov’s new hideout in the nearby neighborhood of Little San Khotal, RoboToby and the other constables met resistance from the local private constables. Ophelia smoothed things over, but by the time our heroes arrived at Lukov’s hideout, his gang had already escaped. Following their trail, our heroes raced after them, straight into an ambush!

The fight with Lukov’s gang was bloody and deadly! Oliver dueled Lukov’s lieutenant Salvatore, and emerged victorious but grievously wounded. Thorton killed Lukov, shooting him in his one good eye before decapitating him! At the death of their leader, the surviving members of Lukov’s gang surrendered. But Ophelia suffered a mortal wound as well, and as she slipped unconscious she begged Eva to accept her magic powers, so that she wouldn’t become an undead monstrosity upon death.

Ophelia awoke two days later back in the constable’s headquarters, terrifying Toby during her rise, as he was unsure if she’d awaken as herself or some kind of undead monster. She eventually learned that Thorton had called for help, and a local doctor had saved her. Additionally, grateful citizens from Little San Khotal learned of the constables’ role in taking down Lukov’s gang, and left a cornucopia of gifts at the constables’ doorstep.

After a few days of rest and magical healing, the constables returned to Little San Khotal, on an ostensibly peaceful investigative visit. They stopped in the restaurant above Lukov’s hideout, where they learned Lukov had threatened the owners with violence and extorted massive protection fees from them. But more shockingly, Oliver removed his hat and coat! And he isn’t a vampire!

After dinner, our heroes visited Giru’s Emporium, seller of antiques, oddities, and curios, to see if he knew anything about the ancient Tsuankhotal relic in their possession. Giru informed them the device was over 2,000 years old, worth a large fortune, and that a talkative dandy had visited recently asking about similar artifacts. Thorton also bought new weapons, and some other antiques. Oliver suggested selling the priceless relic and retiring to a life of luxury, but Eva refused until they found out who was trying to kill them to get it.

A night later, Thorton encountered Agent Thorn while on patrol. Agent Thorn asked him some very pointed questions about Ophelia, and Thorton managed to distract him with news about the mad scientist earth mage who had attacked them recently. Agent Thorn informed Thorton he would be following up on rumors of a mage among the constables, and Thorton and the other constables decided to instead flee the city with her.

But first, there was a mad scientist earth mage to take care of. Thorton captured three of his surveillance ‘bots, and Toby used them to locate the difference engine controlling them, to an abandoned junkyard on the 4th level of Clorencia City, directly below the constables’ home. Also Eva got a new haircut, and the constables’ employer Mr. Varnak finally returned from his business abroad just in time for Eva to inform him they were all quitting.

Instead of attacking Klaudius directly, the constables informed Agent Thorn and the National Police of his location, and let them deal with it. Agent Thorn raided the mage’s workshop with a team of soldiers, where they discovered creepy mechanical recreations of Eva and Ophelia, and finally faced Klaudius himself. They were victorious, although Klaudius’s body was never discovered. Our heroes agreed to meet with Agent Thorn the next day, but instead got on a train and left Clorencia City for good, with intentions of finding transport halfway across the world to the Free Islands. At the train station, Gareth gave the constables a letter to his old adventuring buddy Mr. Templeton, who is now Archgeneral of the Free Islands.

Incidentally, the train ride out of town was the first time we ever saw Clorencia City in full. I’m pretty happy with that page.

Arriving in the port city of Jostrenet, our heroes immediately ran into Julius and Brigitte again. That night, the gas masked villain returned, and stole the black iron relic from Toby and Ophelia’s hotel room! Eva immediately suspected Julius of being the thief, and set out to find him at the most expensive hotel in town. Eva and Ophelia conned their way past the front desk concierge, and our heroes broke down the door to Julius’s room and barged in to discover Julius gagged and bound to a chair, naked with an alchemical bomb between his legs.

Toby was very happy that this meant he was right that Julius was innocent, and Brigitte was the real villain. Our heroes removed the bomb, and  discovered a letter from Brigitte that revealed the black iron relic is a fragment of a powerful artifact known as the K’aay-Alautun, or Song of Eternity, and gloated about her victories, and taunted the heroes to follow her trail. Our heroes briefly discussed turning around and calling it a day, but decided they would in fact go after her.  As thanks for saving his life, Julius offered our heroes luxury transport to Paravo and beyond. They reluctantly accepted.

Riding in an airship over the ocean, Brigitte encouraged Klaudius to relax and enjoy himself, and quietly celebrated her victory, and spoke ominously of her future plans.

Julius and the former constables sailed from Jostrenet to the wealthy island nation of Paravo, where their first stop was to visit his family. Unfortunately, Brigitte had already been there, and emptied the family’s vault, and used guile and subterfuge to close all of their bank accounts in a daring move that she must have been planning for some time.

Julius promised to uphold his offer of passage to the Free Islands, but his family’s clockbot butler overheard Thorton mention Agent Thorn. Soon, Julius’s father Alexander Lymos was speaking to Agent Thorn, agreeing to some secret and nefarious deal while our heroes went sightseeing around Paravo.