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  1. Dev Null
    Dev Null

    I heard it in a bad Hollywood Russian caricature. Something about the phrase “Pretty lady and big strong man” made it sound that way, to the point that I was dropping articles in my head (reading it as “Step this way into Goblin Market”, e.g.) and didn’t even notice I was doing it until you mentioned the voice thing and I went back to read it again.

    • Shawn

      Heh. That’s pretty close to mine.

  2. Mark

    I heard it in the voice Alan Tudyk used for Wash’s T-Rex.

    • Shawn


  3. ConLex

    High and squeaky.

    • Shawn


  4. Nicole

    I hear it a little child-like and unthreatening. Not that he can’t bite your head off if he wanted to. :D

    • Shawn


  5. bobdog-as-death-incarn8

    High and raspy with Latvian overtones

    • Shawn

      That’s pretty close to mine, too. In my head he basically sounds like that pirate guy in Avatar the Last Airbender season one who was outside the ship that was selling curios. Except, you know, he’s a little armadillo guy.

  6. Shawn

    By the way, behind the scenes info:

    In the original game, this character was a little imp like fae creature. It was basically the little dude from Sandman that I don’t even remember who turned into. Loki? The elf brother? It’s been a long time.

    In the D&D game I ran a few years after the original Clockworks campaign, we had a super entertaining (to me), super obnoxious Carbuncle join the party as an NPC for a while. In D&D, the Carbuncle is a cute little armadillo like monster with a gem on it’s forehead, who is psychic, and befriend travelers and then summon monsters to attack them because it is curious to see what happens. It will also die if you remove the gem against it’s will, causing the gem to crumble to useless dust. But if you make a deal with it it’ll give you the gem. (Yes, this was a weird ass 1st edition D&D monster, from the Fiend Folio.)

    I figured since real Carbuncles were a mythological creature, and Final Fantasy had already stolen the name and forehead gem for a creature, that I could probably get away with having one show up in the comic.

    And so here we are! Cute weird little armadillo creature, instead of cute weird little imp creature. I think it was a good change.

    • Aula

      Carbuncle should feel lucky that the word is used in its archaic meaning of red gemstone instead of its modern meaning of large pus-leaking abscess, although a monster with one of those on its forehead might be a bit more impressive.

      • Shawn

        Yeah, Google Image Search for Carbuncle is not pleasant. I learned that one the hard way.

  7. gqbrielle

    Hey, I call my freelancing business Goblin Market Stall #666. That’s hilarious Shawn :D

  8. Cuthalion

    I hear a high-ish, squeaky, male voice that speaks just slow enough and over-enunciates just enough to sound slightly awkward and rehearsed, with an unplaceable, mild Asian accent of some kind.

    • Cuthalion

      Ah, I’ve got it! I’m picturing the goose dad from Kung Fu Panda for voice and accent, but with the speech pattern I described.

  9. Aula

    What are they supposed to do with that red door? Paint it black?

  10. Dreadogastus

    Now this is a cliffhanger.
    Little carbuncle has a ready response to Toby’s objection. Will the little guy magically open the “door”? Will he spout some alternate facts to keep his con going? Perhaps Carbuncle will sheepishly admit it’s all a ruse but he needs money for his starving children.

  11. Rystelle

    I hate to admit it, but I kinda can’t help but hear Jar Jar Binks.

  12. sosoclever

    I realize I’m a little late to the party/market (I haven’t checked back for an update in about 2 years), but I totally hear Peter Lorre. “Maybe you’ll respect me now, Toby!”

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