First up, here’s a random bit of Clockworks paraphernalia.  Click the picture for a larger view:

Sir Whilom Bloodbourne and the Infernal Insect of Irone

Sir Bloodbourne

Sir Whilom Bloodbourne was the world’s most famous monster hunter, once.  He was the star of 27 novels, 16 audio plays, and was portrayed on film 5 times.    In his day he was a larger than life hero; travelling the world in search of great beasts to slay, and crowds of adoring fans to share his tales with.

Following the Accordance War, public opinion turned against Bloodbourne.  It was revealed that his earlier adventures contained not only the exaggerations and tall tales that many had believed them to hold; but outright lies, fabrications, and adventures that never happened.  As public support waned, his old friends and business partners turned against him; culminating in Bloodbourne’s former bodyguard Benicio Tactence’s scathing tell all autobiography.

In his later years, Bloodbourne fell to alcoholism and anger.  He was known to show up at small town public appearances surly, violent, and drunken.  He died in a hotel in Vano in 235 NDE.

Following his death Bloodbourne’s legend has seen a bit of a resurgence; not as a master monster hunter, but as a legendary showman, charlatan, and brilliant businessman.  His daughters, Violet and Marianne, inherited the remains of his estate and have worked tirelessly to restore their father’s good name and fame.  His books are still widely available in second hand shops, and Violet’s biography of her father is to be released next year.

Second, I’m looking for a volunteer.  You should be a fan of Clockworks, have time to kill, and perhaps be a bit OCD.

I’d like to set up a Clockworks wiki, to compile all of the world building info, character appearances, and game info.  So when people want to know how to create a Faeblooded character or how magic works or who that Bloodbourne guy is, we can point them to the wiki.

I could post the wiki to, but I’d rather post it to wikia or some other public site.  I’d rather avoid being the site admin for the wiki, or giving someone access to a chunk of my server.

This would be a free position, running the Official Clockworks Fan Wiki, but I’m sure I could throw you some goodies eventually.  If you’re interested and you have the time to devote to maintaining a wiki, comment here or shoot me an email.

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