0024: Antagony

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  1. Voltaggia

    Hahaha! For once, living in eastern europe is a blessing, as I can check upon the late-updated webcomics earlier than the rest!

    Also, the gas masked guy creeps me out.

  2. Shawn


    Also, that’s what he’s supposed to do. :)

  3. Soda

    What kind of notice check is that >.> Evas in the back and sees a guy in a burning window frankly i’m amazed

  4. Shawn

    She does have Alertness. ;)

    Eva’s player has a tendency of occasionally rolling insanely well. Not regularly, but every once in a while she just pulls something insane out of the dice.

  5. Dave

    I don’t know if I was the one that commented that the comics don’t show up in Google Reader or not, but it does it for me… That said, I prefer to link through to read the comic anyway, so I don’t care. :)

  6. Shawn

    I changed the settings on the RSS feed back around comic #5 or so. If you had signed up before then, things might be wonky. My guess would be to drop the RSS feed, and then re add it, and let me know if the images are still broken. (I don’t think that will fix it, but you never know…)

  7. J. Beatnik
    J. Beatnik

    Does Oliver fight with a pimp cane? YESSSSS, SO AWESOME!

  8. Shawn
    • Carley

      well you might, it’s not something I’ve come across.Razor @ 89: not at all, sorry if my post implied this was a brand new phenomenon. I do think it’s growing though, in part because most Aussie tours of Gallipoli include the Turkish side of the story and more Aussies are taking those tours.To be clear though, I don’t think it’s just a recognition of their &#7#n6;ho1our&28218; in battle. What I’m grasping at (badly it seems) is the affection between the two countries. From my position of ignorance, it seems an unusual and unlikely outcome of us invading their patch.

  9. Don J
    Don J

    Glad to hear I made your day. :-)

    I was also the one who commented about the Google Reader images being broken. I tried the unsubscribe/rescubscribe, and it didn’t fix it, but I’m with Dave on this — I don’t mind clicking through anyway, so the broken images don’t really hurt me. I work in tech support, and I know very well the pain of trying to fix a bug that you can’t replicate — so I say forget about it. :-)

    I also said on the poll that I wasn’t interested in buying posters, but immediately after completing the poll I went to the Facebook page and saw the “Is Your Neighbour a Danger” image, and realized that I would love to have that as a poster in my shiny new gaming room. So I must retract my original poll answer!

  10. Voltaggia

    I’d love a T-Shirt with a Thorton motive.

    Also, where the hell are Klockverks?

  11. Shawn

    Klockverks is up to Luke, possibly other people. No one’s made any for the last 20 or so strips.

    I have this terrible idea, in a few years, to start up Klockverks.com, and just rerelease the entire run of the comic in Klockverks format.

  12. Shawn

    Man, I sure do love commas.

  13. Voltaggia

    I might try to make a Klockverks-ish comic :P Just wait and see

  14. NickR

    If i’d made the survey I’d have voted for oliver. I think he’s great. Alas the survey closed before I could vote. Maybe Oliver’s fans are just all procrastinators like me…

  15. Don

    Do the profiles of the cast go up as they gain XP in the storylines?

  16. Shawn

    Don, I’ll probably just leave the profiles as they are for new readers. I might do an updated version when everyone hits Seasoned, etc.

  17. JefLebowski

    First: you got a new reader (thanks to a link over at Red Moon Rising) and that to be sure: they remind me of “my” Shadowrun Group I am ST-ing… they take 3 hours time to plan, jump in, screw their own plan, do a major mess up and so on… every time they do something xD

  18. Shawn

    Dude, that’s every Shadowrun game ever. Half the fun of that game was coming up with overly complicated plans that you never carried out.

  19. JefLebowski

    Jupp, but heck…its like every Pen And Paper
    Earthdawn: “Screw Magic, I can do this alone”-the Dwarf, shortly before finding himself admidst an angry group of Orcs

    Vampire the Masquerade: “Where is the goddamn Malkavian” (selfexplanetory that the plan went down the drain after that sentence)

    Shadowrun: “You do that, you do that, I walk there-was this huge explosion in the plan?”

    DSA (german one…the dark eye or something in english): “Why did you use FIREmagic in a WOODEN tavern?”

    Call of Cuthullu “We defeated this terrifying cult…lets read this occult looking book aloud, maybe we’ll find answers: Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn”

    I know what you mean

  20. Don J
    Don J

    Just thought you should know — the thumbnail for today’s comic showed up properly in the RSS feed. I won’t be upset if it doesn’t work next time, though. :-)

  21. Shawn

    I have no idea what happened. Thanks RSS feed gnomes!

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