Two quick things:

A spot has opened up, and I will in fact have a table at Archon , on October 2nd-4th.  Clockworks art will also be projected on the wall during Friday night’s dance, and possibly during the steampunk fashion show as well.

If you’re going to be at Archon, please come by and say hi.  I will have prints for sale, as well as a few shirts, original artwork, and other things.  I’ll also be more than happy to chat with you about the comic, the game, or whatever.  (So long as I don’t have a line of people who want to throw money at me in exchange for stuff.)

This will be my first con as “Dude who makes a comic” as opposed to “Dude who is hanging out”, so I’m going to be fairly conservative with how much stuff I’m bringing.  Hopefully it will all sell out, but if there are shirts and prints and things left, they’ll be available here.

I’m sure I will post my reflections and thoughts and tips after it’s over.

Great Art Swap 0f 2009!

A few facts:

1: I recently moved, and my decoration to space ratio is pretty sad.

2: Between things like buying my own couch, buying lamps, buying clocks, buying pillow cases and sheets etc, I have very little money to buy cool stuff to hang on my walls.

3: I have a bunch of cool artist friends

4: I can make cool art.

5: I’d much rather cover my walls in your cool art than mine.

So, I’m announcing the Great Art Swap of 2009!  Here’s how it works:  I mail you a print or original artwork, you mail me a print or piece of original artwork!  Easy enough.   I’m not really worried if you are more famous or less famous than I am, but I’m not likely to send out a painting in exchange for a stick figure on a piece of office paper.  (Unless that is one awesome stick figure…)

If you’d like to be part of the Great Art Swap of 2009, shoot me an email.

Last night’s Clockworks game was pretty rocking.  In about two years or so the comic version will come up, and you guys will be be frightened and excited and on the edge of your seat.  I continue to be amazed at how much stuff we can get through in one night with Savage Worlds.  Makes me happy.  I’m also really impressed at the resourcefulness in the face of overwhelming odds and horrible dice rolling my players showed last night.

That’s it for today.  World building stuff on Wednesday.   I have today off, and plan on knocking out as much as possible for this week’s comics.  Maybe, just maybe, I’ll get them both done today.