Character Creation

First up, here’s a character sheet.  Now, let’s get started.

Before you begin, take a moment to think about what sort of character you’d like to play.  Here are a few ideas of characters who could be running around Clorencia City:

Conspiracy Theorist
Etheric Engineer
Former Soldier
Gun Moll
Immigrant Worker
Secretive Mage
Slumming or Disgraced Upper City Dweller
Urban Monster Hunter

Step 1: Race

Characters in Clockworks may be Human or Faeblooded. There are hundreds of variations of Faeblooded, but they are all created with the same basic rules.

(Faeblooded rules are coming next week.  For now, use the Build Your Own Fantasy Race from the Fantasy Companion, and remember that all Faeblooded are weak against iron weapons, and take an additional d6 damage from them.)

Step 2: Attributes & Skills

All characters begin with a base of d4 in every Attribute, and 5 points to assign to raising them.

Characters begin with 15 points of skills.

Pace, Parry, Toughness and Charisma are all calculated normally. Grit begins at 0 unless modified by Edges or Hindrances, and increases by 1 every Rank.

Step 3:Hindrances & Edges

Characters may begin with up to one Major Hindrance and two Minor Hindrances.

(Lots of new Edges and Hindrances coming in Character Creation part 3 or so.)

Special Rule: Big Damn Heroes

In addition to their normal Hindrances, characters may choose one additional Hindrance from the following list: Heroic, Loyal, Code of Honor, or Vow.

This Hindrance does not grant bonus points as usual.  Instead, a character who choose one of these in addition to their normal Hindrances gain any one non Legendary Edge, regardless of any rank or skill prerequisites.  You may not choose the Improved version of an edge using the Big Damn Hero rule.

Step 4: Gear

Characters begin with 500Marks which can be spent on whatever you wish.

(Note: until we get to the Official Clockworks Gear List section of things, feel free to just use the Rippers equipment chapter, leaving out Ripper Claws, and converting 1£ to 100 ?.  Alternately, use Deadlands Reloaded and double all of the prices listed there.  Note that Deadlands will still net you some significantly cheaper guns than Rippers.  Or use Runepunk’s equipment list, or maybe even Sundered Skies.  The choice is yours!)

Step 5: Finishing Touches

Take some time to round out your character.  Think about his history and personality.  How does he feel about magic, the Faeblooded, the government, technology, the other nations of Vheld?

And there you have it!  If someone would please copy this over to the wiki, I’m sure the readership at large would appreciate it.

Next week: the races of Clockworks.  (Both of them!)