The wait is finally over!  Just in time for Halloween, we present the first Clockworks adventure: the Gentleman Caller.


Clockworks Presents: The Gentleman Caller

Sample PCs

The Gentleman Caller is a steampunk mystery/horror story, set in Clorencia City.  It’s a free adventure for Savage Worlds, and can play out over one to two nights of gaming.  It includes 5 pregen PCs, a complete adventure, and what is hopefully a very nasty encounter at the end.

This is version 0.75.  I’m going to add some artwork and fancier formatting, probably edit a few things and expand a few sections based on player feedback, then re-release it as version 1.0.  When?  I’m not sure, a few weeks, a month or so maybe.

EDIT: Updated the links to the version 1.0, for anyone who comes across this older blog post.  The above links are to the latest version of the adventure, complete with cool pictures.  Enjoy.

Some thoughts:

Man, that took much longer than I thought!

My hat is off to all of you who write RPG adventures/books professionally.  It is much, much more work than just running a game.  (When I ran the first playtest of the Gentleman Caller, I literally had about 10 lines of notes for the entire adventure.  The full module is 13 pages, not counting the pregen characters.)

If you guys have any questions about the city or the characters that you need answered to run the adventure, don’t hesitate to ask.  If you find any errors, feel free to point them out to me.

After you’ve played The Gentleman Caller, I absolutely encourage you to post on the comments here to let us know how the game went, what you tweaked, if the characters survived, etc etc.

I think for the next adventure, I’m going to do something much, much shorter.  I’m thinking a One Sheet style adventure.  Perhaps a follow up to this one starring the same characters out in the wilderness somewhere attempting to bring back some strange beast.  Any requests for parts of the world you’d like to see?

I will probably start a livestream later this morning to do comic #40.  I think reading the Gentleman, you’ll see why I didn’t have time to finish writing/editing this adventure AND get the comic done on Thursday.  (Not to mention dealing with my car window.)

Later guys, see you later today for the comic!