0043: Voyeur

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  1. Shawn

    Some cool Clockworks: the RPG news tomorrow, and the mystery deepens on Thursday. Also, if you haven’t today, please go vote for Clockworks. We’ve dropped out of the top 100, but just barely.


  2. Shawn

    If it seems weird that only two of our heroes would run off after an obviously important Mysterious Villain, keep in mind that they didn’t get the zoomed in look at him, and can’t quite tell how dangerous he looks yet.

  3. pineappleleader

    Shawn, you should take your time and do it right. Better late than of lesser quality. People will just have to learn to be patient. (Is it done yet? Is it done yet? Is it done yet? See I’m patient.)

    This comic “Voyeur” has no number. Is this number 0043 or a bonus page?

  4. Shawn

    oh you’re right! fixing in a moment.

  5. Shawn


    And I don’t mind taking a long time to make a comic if it’s detailed or intricate (man, #42 took ages to color and do all the litle touches on), today was just a bunch of technical frustrations and me getting sidetracked and unable to focus. The Livestream really does do wonders to keep me focused on making a comic and not dicking around on Facebook or Failblog or RPG.net or whatever.

  6. The Occupant
    The Occupant

    Better late then never. This is going interesting places and I love your art style. Keep up the good work!

  7. syhd

    MV#1 has a face! And it’s actually kinda menacing. Must be my cultural indoctrination with Ming the Merciless moustaches and beards.

  8. jygro

    Great comic… Hopefully they don’t get a thrashing…

  9. gedece

    Now, he’s just an eyewitness, nothing in him says he’s a villain, just an unknown.

  10. Don J
    Don J

    gedece: an eyewitness… With a crazy glowing etheric cyborg eye! (I love the glowing etheric cyborg eye. I was thrilled to see it again when I voted!)

  11. Shawn

    Get it? EYEwitness? Heyo!

    And yeah, to the PCs he’s some mysterious guy on a rooftop, who probably has something to do with all of this. Thanks to the tag feature, we know a bit more than they do.

  12. syhd

    New guy: etheric eye, steaming shoulder armor, and _a_wooden_staff_. Someone needs to talk to him about his mixing his fantasy fashions.

  13. taraswanwing

    Yet another mysterious, possibly hostile stranger on a rooftop. Is this gonna be a reoccurring theme? ‘Cause if so, then this may be interesting…simply because everyone likes a good rooftop chase. :33

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