The more final version of the Gentleman Caller adventure is now available!  This free Savage Worlds adventure is 16 pages of steampunk mystery and horror.  It will take your heroes from the heights of the 8th and 9th level of Clorencia City to the depths of the 2nd, in search of a mysterious and dangerous killer.

The Gentleman Caller

Pregen Player Characters

Even if you’re not planning on running the adventure, it’s worth a read I think for the glimpses of parts of the city we’ve yet to see in the comic.

I know at least two groups have played through the adventure already, and I’d love to hear Actual Play stories for anyone else who runs or plays it.  This is not only the first Clockworks adventure, but the first adventure I’ve created for an outside audience.

Thanks again to Jeb Boyt for his work as co-author, to Daniela Droke for editing, to my friends for being the first playtest group, and for everyone who gave feedback on the first version of the adventure.

So what’s next for Clockworks: the Savage Setting?  I’d like to do two more free adventures.  The first one will be set in the Bronze Gardens, and would be an intro adventure to the setting, and be a bit closer in tone to the comic than the Gentleman Caller.  The second freebie will be a one sheet monster hunt, for either the Dept. of Unusual Biology PCs, or the Bronze Gardens characters.

After that, I think the plan will be to apply to be a licensee, and see if I can start putting out professional quality products and charge you guys for them.  ;) I’ll still do a few one sheets now and then, and any adventures released for free now will always be available for free.