0046: Gareth's Tale pt. 1

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  1. Amy

    Mysteries and plot hooks! Anxiously awaiting the next comic to find out about the black objects, the mysterious group he traveled with, and Toby’s grandma!

    I was able to read the narration boxes just fine – the flow was actually helped by the word bubbles and narration boxes intersecting the story boxes.

  2. wrathofzombie

    I agree with Amy. The layout works perfectly! Loved seeing the PC’s from New Dawn after I’ve poured over all your reference material for the Play Test. Very cool, indeed!

  3. gedece

    I didn’t have any difficulty following the comic, it was easy. Great job with the revamp of the player group, the original drawings are great, but this ones fit the comic style much better.

    I’m getting intrigued by the black metal, it’s already been said it’s indestructible, but I’m seeing that it has some details added that tell about carefull crafting of the items. This leads me to believe that they are first crafted and then converted to the final form. Perhaps they are not solid black metal items, and the black metal indestructive part is a layer above the original item.

  4. m.s.jackson

    Another great issue, love Toby’s granny, she’s a hottie. And the bonus pic of caile is awesome, reminds me a bit of the artwork from the Monster Blood Tattoo series if you have read that (good read, I highly recommend it, and coincidentally, it features monster hunters as well!). As usual, your strip just gets better and better with each release, and more and more I want to see the RPG book!

  5. J. Beatnik
    J. Beatnik

    I think the last panel is pretty hilarious. The giant axe coupled with “Irone is a messed up place” brings the deadpan joke to a punchline.

  6. mneme

    The layout’s great — as is Toby’s fire-wielding grandmother.

  7. wrathofzombie

    Heads up I added some info on the wiki to Gareth.

  8. Kedamono

    I agree with the rest, the text flow is fine, it works well. The folks in Panel 3 are PCs? Why i would never had guessed. :-)

    I definitely will be adding something to the Wiki. I wasn’t sure if that was “permitted”.

  9. syhd

    The older character sketches remind me of the portraits done as etchings, particularly the Native Americanish hunter guy. Careful and printerly. Your current style seems looser and more free-flowing.

    The last panel is fantastic — Dark deeds done in silhouette. And Toby’s grandmother looks angelic in the penultimate panel. You know, for an Unnatural.

  10. stormwell

    Hm, interesting that Toby’s grandma is a spellcaster….

    The Black Metal devices even more so.

  11. Joe

    Woo hoo! I’m famous!

  12. Shawn

    Thanks all. Glad you’re enjoying it. These last two strips took a lot of extra time. Turns out exposition also takes a lot of work to get right.

  13. Robin

    One of the best strips so far. The flow was easy to follow. Loved the pc’s.

  14. >WBM

    Have you considered making panel#3 or #4 into posters/web banners for your street team section? I was thinking they’d make good posters to put in my campus computer labs…


  15. Shawn

    Slightly tweaked the narration in this one, realized both panel 2 and 3 began with “We ended up…” Rewrote panel 3.

  16. pineappleleader

    I sometimes have trouble figuring out which panel to read next in comic strips, but not this time. Very easy to follow the comic.

    Toby does not look anything like his grand parents. Not even close. Any particular reason why that is?

    The grandmother looks a bit like Ophelia.

    Keep up the good work.

  17. Shawn

    Are you kidding? He’s got his grandpa’s eyes.

  18. >WBM

    How about that nose? =)

  19. Avilan

    No problem following the text flow in this one.
    …Black-haired chick in panel 3 is hawt. (Yes I’m a geek, sue me).

    The guy with the axe reeks of amateurism! I see no altar, and above all no curved or wavy knife! And it almost looks like Grandma is not completely undressed either! What kind of shoddy ritual is this??

  20. vel

    Thank you so much, Shawn. That was great and you did an amazing job with the photo I sent you. So the rest of you, if Shawn offers a cameo again, go for it! Definitely, definitely worth it!

  21. jygro

    That bunch of characters in the comic just screams PCs. When do we get to see their Savage stats?

  22. Shawn

    Vel – glad you liked it!

  23. Ken

    Oh, that’s a story behind that guy. That poor, poor evil villain.

  24. Da Red Paintjob Grot
    Da Red Paintjob Grot

    Smooth… As…. Pie!

  25. Didub

    I like that… “Irone is a messed up place”. The timing is perfect on it.
    I didn’t notice the words at all, so I would say they were pretty smooth. However, I’m a little more text oriented than art oriented…

  26. didub

    Rereading through the archive, I think this is my favorite comic so far :)

  27. taraswanwing

    Ok, this is weird. After I read this comic, I had an awesome idea involving a top hat, a homicidal gentleman, and a machine gun. Now I look back and see a top hatted robot guy with goggles, and my world crumbles around me.

  28. taraswanwing

    Wait wait wait. Is that one PC from the Vori islands? Somethin’ about him.

    • Shawn

      The spear wielding PC is from Coran, the country to the south of the Great Republic. (He says a year later.)

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