0061: Shoot, Messenger

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  1. stormwell

    Glad you’re back! :)

    Keep voting anyway, just to let ya know. ;)

  2. Shawn

    Gah! Art screwups in panel 1.

  3. Shawn


  4. J. Beatnik
    J. Beatnik


  5. Victor

    Two things.
    1) Awesome comic. That shot of Thornton is totally rawkin
    2) I clicked on the link to Lukov and noticed the incredible improvement of your art. Todays comic looks 10X better than the old one. The character design alone is so much more solid, and the color way more vibrant. 10char sir…10char

  6. syhd

    The messenger should be shot if they gloat or taunt. They have it coming.

  7. Shawn

    Victor: damn. I hadn’t really noticed it until you mentioned it. Woah.

  8. Ematai

    Was the guy who was shot in a shadow for a reason? Or just random. like, is he a character we’ve met before?

    Thorton did a nice job with his shootin’ though!

  9. Shawn

    He’s the driver, shadowed just for visual contrast and because he’s been shadowed the whole time.

  10. Da Red Paintjob Grot
    Da Red Paintjob Grot

    Um… Why does Ophelia have normal coloured skin in panel 2? Thank god you’re back to comics, I’ve been waiting for you. :)

  11. Shawn

    It’s blue. When I plopped the bloodstain on top it now looks pinkish. I’ll clean it up later.

  12. LadyMoonhawke

    Oh dear. I was afraid that reddish spatter was blood. *chewing nails over poor Oliver*

  13. pineappleleader

    Nice to have you back. Keep up the good work. I voted.

  14. Jabor

    I wish my Huntsman skills in TF2 were that good.

  15. Avilan

    Somehow this reminds me of Churchill from WWII. No not that one, the other one. The guy that went into battle in France carrying a claymore, and is the only soldier in WWII to use a longbow to kill an enemy.
    (Yes he was real). Basically, this shot alone should quiet anyone saying the bow is an outdated weapon with guns around :)

  16. Scotticus

    AWESOME comic! I have to ask… Was this an event from the game with the player making a really good to-hit roll? Or is this dramatic embellishment? Either way, its a great way to convey the badassery of Thorton (hey, that would be a great title for a mini-series).

    Also, I am really digging the way you’re depicting the action here. I honestly can’t imagine how it could get any better. And yet, I am certain you will keep trying and find a way to prove how weak my artistic imagination really is.

    @Avilan: Seriously? Killed an enemy with a longbow? While that does sound terribly English, I am going to have to invoke the ancient rite of Wikipedia Consultation on this.

  17. Shawn

    In the original game he shot the driver as the steamcarriage was speeding away, dropping him in one shot. The shot hitting square in the neck was dramatic embellishment, but Thorton really is all about the called shot. Partly because he gets to a point fairly quickly where he can rarely miss a normal shot, and partly because he’s just mean like that.

  18. Nicole

    Great work, Shawn! Oh…what’s gonna happen???

  19. Avilan

    Try Cracked.coms’s list “10 soldiers that makes John Rambo look like a p***y”. The Finnish sniper is my hero.

  20. Neferius

    Ah yes, the infamous “One Shot” skill. Well, at-least now we know he sank all his ability points into Dexterity ^^

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