Clockworks is set in the fictional world of Vheld, a steampunk fantasy world of lost magic, ancient mysteries, ether driven technology, and high adventure. So far, the story has been centered in the 5th level of Clorencia City, the capital of the Great Republic of Roumion.


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From the Clockworks Savage Worlds RPG Setting Book, here are 10 things you need to know about the setting:

10 Things You Need To Know About Clockworks

1: Vheld is a world of adventure.
2: Steam and ether technology is greatly advanced.
3: Myths and legends have returned to the world.
4: Magic is based on the four elements.
5: Magic and technology can exist side by side.
6: Philosophies and ideologies are at war.
7: Nightmarish evil lurks.
8: History is lost, perhaps hidden.
9: Despite all of the above, not everything is deadly serious.
10: The world is yours.

1: Vheld is a world of adventure. Dangers lurk everywhere, and every nation, city, and village could use a group of heroes to right wrongs and defend the defenseless.

2: Applied ether science has driven technology to steampowered heights. Airships cross the sky, difference engines power armies of clockwork robots via wireless telegraph, anomaly spectrascope goggles detect mages and other unnatural creatures, etheric infused weapons allow their wielder to smash through all enemies. A spirit of exploration and invention fuels much of Vheld’s technologic advances, and some would say a spirit of madness and recklessness.

3: Myths and legends have returned to the world. 50 years ago, during a time known as the Cataclysm, magic, fae creatures, lost forgotten gods, and hideous monsters appeared (or reappeared) on Vheld. No one knows exactly how or why but the effects are felt all across the world.

4: Magic is based on the four elements. Elementalist mages control the forces of fire, earth, water, and air. Some few powerful sorcerers can control more than one element, and the greatest archmages have mastered all four. There are rumors of other, darker, forms of magic but if they exist they are infinitely less common than elemental magic.

5: Magic and technology can exist side by side. The scientific advances in Clockworks aren’t powered by magic, but the two forces are not in natural opposition. Some brave few mad scientists have even begun melding the two together. The mixture of magic and technology is rare though, not because of metaphysics, but because of prejudices and politics.

6: Philosophies and ideologies are at war. The Great Republic of Roumion, the largest and most prosperous nation in the world, has outlawed magic and religion, and forces the Fae (or “Changelings”, “Thwicks” or “Cradlethieves”) into ghettos known as Rookeries. Across the world, separatists from the Great Republic have formed the Free Islands, embracing magic and religion, as well as attempting to embrace all possible freedoms. Struggles of authority vs freedom, tradition vs progress, safety vs liberty, religion vs philosophy and many others play out constantly across the Great Republic, the Free Islands, the Ironian Nation-States, the Five Empires, and elsewhere.

7: Evil lurks. While many of the conflicts in Clockworks are ones without clear right and wrong sides, other threats are less ambiguous. Hidden from the eyes of the world, nightmarish and ancient monstrosities attempt to foist themselves upon the world.

8: History is lost, perhaps hidden. Much of the world before the New Dawn Revolution remains a mystery to the people of Vheld. Ancient mysteries have resurfaced, and much more awaits discovery.

9: Despite all of the above, not everything is deadly serious. Not every adventure in Clockworks needs to be about oppression or metaphysical truths or the horrors of modern existence. Some adventures (perhaps even entire campaigns) are exciting romps with airship pirates, grand heists, giant clockwork robots, rooftop chases, and steampowered cybernetic gorillas.

10: The world is yours. Clockworks the Savage Setting may be home to the characters from Clockworks the webcomic,but the most important people in your campaign are your player characters. Vheld is a big place, with room for thousands of heroes and countless adventures. The most important story is yours. Don’t be afraid to take this setting and warp, twist and abuse it to your own ends. Don’t be afraid to let your player characters cause mass destruction, start a revolution, unearth ancient mysteries of great power, or otherwise alter the world forever. We’ll give you the world, do with it as you will.

. For now, for infinitely more detail on the world check out the Savage Worlds setting book manuscripts, here.